Top 10 tips: Finding time to run!


Struggling to find the time or motivation to get out for your weekly runs? Hopefully a few of these tips below will help you squeeze them in. If you have any tips to add, or find one of these is particularly helpful for you, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

1 – Schedule a weekly plan

It might sound simple but visualising your week ahead will help you forecast any conflicts, rearrange anything that clashes and work out at what point in the day you can make it happen! Sometimes travel or work can get in the way so it’s ok to be flexible.

2 – Go to bed early: Rise early

If you’re planning on an early run, think about it the night before. Hydrate well in the evening and get an early night so it’s easier to peel you face from the pillow when the alarm goes off. Not only will it be easier because you have had decent sleep (try for at least 8 hours), it’s an effective way to start your day and feel smug with yourself when the endorphins kick in.

3 – Prepare your gear, focus your mind!

Theres nothing worse than scrambling around in the dark trying to find your favourite pair of running socks, the key to squeezing in a run is preparation. Think about what kit you will need, check the weather, plan a route so that you are in the right mindset and you will find the usual excuses are a thing of the past.

4 – Try a late session

How late is too late for a run? Sometimes a run later at night can be more relaxing with less traffic around, often with less time restraints. You don’t have to rush off to work or worry about being late to get the kids to school, so if you feel good you can always go an extra KM or two.

5 – Run with Friends

Having a running partner / crew / club to commit to will make it harder to say no. It can be great to have someone to make you accountable, push each others limits, talk about your goals, share their learnings and have a chin wag at the same time. You can always combine it with a coffee, brunch or maybe even a beer if you feel you’ve earned it!

6 – Run Commute

Running to or from work can be a super effective way of getting in some easy miles during the week. If you live further away from work, try getting off earlier than usual. Not only will the mileage ramp up but you may save some money too. Surely less time spent on the tube, or in a traffic jam can only be a good thing right?

7 – The Runch Break

Getting out of the office at lunch can have some physical and mental benefits. While it probably wont be the longest run you’ve ever done, it can leave you feeling refreshed and give you some vital time to yourself in the middle of a busy day at work.

8 – Make it count

If you don’t have a huge amount of time to run, don’t try and overstretch yourself and constantly feel like you are failing. Instead restructure your work out so that you can spend less time on it but make it matter. That could be through hill training, interval sessions, a progression run, or perhaps working some alternative forms of movement into your workout such as burpees, squats, pushups, planking at every KM.

9 – Track your progress

If you document your runs, your progress will become an addiction. This is one of the biggest motivators out there. Personally I use a running watch and Strava for all of my runs but there are loads of great options that don’t have to be expensive.

10 – Talk about it

Runners are everywhere! Chatting about your goals, your training and how your week’s going can motivate others. Listening to other peoples running stories can help to inspire you to keep it up too. If you don’t have anyone close to you that cares then take to the internet! The online running community is huge and they know what you’re going through. Twitter, Instagram, Strava, Facebook all have groups and communities that can offer a great deal of support.

Hopefully these tips can help you get out. Good luck!

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