Top 5 Running Products to aid Recovery

It’s that time of year again… the legs are tired and the mileage has been high! Having just had a great training block and stayed free of injuries and issues for the last 4 months I thought I would share some of the products that I have been using to aid my long run recovery.


I have been using Oofos for a couple of years now and the are ALWAYS in my race bag. When you have done a long run or a race and you just need to give your feet a hug… these are GOLD.


I have recently been using this pulse roll peanut ball to get to all those hard to reach areas! It vibrates so you can roll less and easily travel with it as its easier to chuck in an overnight bag for using on race day.


Usually I struggle to eat huge amounts of food immediately after a race but I do always have some snacks in a bag somewhere to hurl into my mouth when I can muster the energy! Check out the range at


These products have saved me more than once from post long run disasters. Physicool asked me to try some of these out at the start of my marathon training and so far I have used them after every long run. They are BETTER THAN ICE for recovery and also work to compress your legs too.


Wearing compression during a race can help prevent muscle fatigue, but post race it can help stimulate blood flow and aid recovery. Try wearing compression socks the day after the race, you might find you recover faster.

There are obviously more ways to recover than just buying products. Sleep is super important, as is eating right, easing back into exercise, rest days and many other things… but I’ll leave that one to the running coaches for now!

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